Meet Graycen

DONA International trained Birth Doula

Scott (husband) and I

A few things about me:

I love to meet new people over coffee or tea and sharing stories. I enjoy having company over for a homecooked meal with fresh baked cookies for dessert. My husband and I enjoy sharing our special pour over coffee with new people to try.

I get a lot of joy out of games. Here are some of my favorite:
Yard game: KanJam
Board Game: Disney's Villainous
Card Game: Hand and Foot
Video Game: Mario Kart or Wii Sports

Sporadic adventures and exploration are where some of my most valued memories come from. Along with.. being silly (everyone deserves to enjoy being a little goofy sometimes).

Recently I have been participating in disc golf with Scott on the Maryville course. It's been a new way to embrace the outdoors and I've been increasingly excited about it.

All in all, building relationships has to be my favorite part of life. I am a people person but I do appreciate time to recharge. You will likely find me journaling with a good pen, cuddling with a warm blanket, drinking tea, and listening to worship music in the mornings or during recharge time.

*The main thing I do not like would have to be bugs. My family would agree to this truth about me.

why I'm a doula...

A birth can be a deeply treasured memory or a painful one. A birthing person remembers their birth stories in detail for their whole life. After I found out what a doula does, I quickly jumped on board. I wanted to be part of providing positive birth experiences. I felt that there has to be nothing more impactful than to help birthing people and their families to be informed, confident, and supported throughout the process. I want to create a safe space for the family to make positive memories during pregnancy, labor, and during the postpartum period. My passion continues to grow for all things birth the more I learn and experience.

my philosophy

Everyone should be well cared for, respected, and heard throughout their pregnancy and labor. Everyone deserves to know the power of their voice as the birther. Everyone has a right to informed decision making in pregnancy and birth. I believe that not all birthing people are treated equally in our society and there is an ongoing active effort required to change that. All people deserve to be educated about labor, breastfeeding, and the postpartum period. Those who desire it, deserve to have a doula by their side during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.